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SUPER PACK recommended retail price $900 save $480

consists of 1 full lamb approximately 15 kg and 1 hind quater of beef all cut and packed to the customers specifications

please phone after ordering this pack or we will call you to see what cuts you would like.

general cuts and weights are:

1.4 kg porterhouse, 2.2 kg tbone, 2.2 kg rump, 1.7kg snitzel, 5 kg roast beef, 1.6 kg corned beef, 1 kg eye fillet, 1.8 kg osso buco, 8 kg mince steak, 2.5 kg diced beef, 5 kg bones, 3.5 kg sausages

12 x bbq chops, 10 x loin chops, 18 x  cutlets, 6 x chump chops, legs of lamb x 2, round bone chops x 6 and 1.5 kg sausages

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