The Heat Beads® Pitmaster Series

The Heat Beads® Pitmaster Series


Six (6) competitions will take place across Victoria over the 2018/2019 financial year.  The winner from each event will be given a golden ticket as automatic (fee still applies) entry into the Grand Final Championship where the winner will be awarded a trophy and $5000 for 1st PLACE.  


Each competition entry fee is capped at $600 which will include the following:

·                 All proteins (supplied on site at the discretion of the Event Promoter) there will be 4 proteins per competition, proteins will be given out the night before the event when all teams have bumped in.

·                 All proteins must be stored on each teams site  in a cooler at no more than 5 degrees whilst in a raw state.

·                 Only the meat provided can be used for the competition 

·                 Hand in boxes

·                 Power to each site

·                 Access to toilets and water

·                 Total Prize money / prizes at a minimum of $2500 per competition. $250 per catorgory, $1000 Grand Champion $500 Reserve Grand Champion 

·                 Trophies for 1st place in each protein category plus trophies for GC & RGC

·                 One 4 x 6 metre site per team (minimum)

·                 A steel cylinder / drum for all live embers to be disposed of after the competition will be provided




Each competition will be a minimum 6 teams (maximum 9). The judging will all be done by one table so that each box is judged by the same judges at the event.

Blind hand-ins; no judges will know whose box they are judging.

Judging will be based on these three aspects with a score given from each judge out of 10:

·                 Presentation x 1

·                 Texture x 1.5

·                 Taste x 2

A head judge appointed for each competition will calculate the scoring together with the Event Promoter to make sure scoring is completely correct at the time of judging.

Each hand in will be an open table amongst the judges where the Head Judge will ask each person for there score in each round.  Any score below 6 will need to have a reason given that will be noted for the team that handed in the box.


1.  Team with most 1st Place Trophies from the categories wins.

2.  Team with the most 1st, and  2nd Place placings from categories wins.

3.  Team with highest individual aggregate Round score from their best 3 scores wins.

4.  If still tied, will remain a tie and prizemoney collated and distributed evenly.


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